Electric Door Installation in the Los Angeles, CA, Area

Automated sliding doors can make your home more accessible and modern. CHI Builders Inc. offers automatic door installation services in the Los Angeles, CA, area. We can transform your home into a modern space with our automated doors and windows.

What We Do

Our automated sliding doors and windows allow you to have access control to your home from anywhere in the house. This allows an opening that brings the outdoor space in without view obstructions and manages security at the end of the day. Our systems are discreet and elegant, so they blend in with the rest of your home décor.

Our automation systems are quiet and secure. They open and close softly so they don’t disrupt peace and quiet or make too much noise in the neighborhood. They also have an adjustable speed function. The sensor on the door will make sure that the door fully closes every time.

Contact Us

Our experience in automated multi-slide doors allows us to offer the right solution for your home every time. We carry a variety of systems to choose from, and we’ll help you choose the best option. Our systems are backed by the partnership between CHI Builders Inc. and Summit Automation for premium quality and customer service.

Call us today at 866.326.0350 to learn more about our electric door installation.